I was born on a cold winter evening, on the 9th of January 1962
I was crying loudly
That was in Kostroma
In the summer of 1966 I found a huge mushroom in a meadow
In September 1969 I was accepted to the Cub Scouts
That same year, in December, I got my first A in Russian
In 1975 I fell madly in love with a classmate, but after two months my love for her faded
In 1978 I caught a pike with my fishing rod
I married at the age of 21 and my child came into the world when I was 22
That same year I worked putting up movie posters
In 1990 I was given a tomcat called Kesha, he was exceedingly handsome, and he even caught rats
In the summer of 1992 I found a lot of huge mushrooms again
During the whole time, I´ve been constantly falling in love, got married again, painted a lot of pictures, gotten ill, and have never felt so healthy
And now, as if that´s not enough, I also write stories
Thank you, you are wonderful people